Aoshi 22Bet Danshen la liga chapter 2018 hidden test

There are a lot of magic medicines in the vat, and the quality is very good. At this time, the alchemists in the arena can judge the quality through the smell emitted by the magic medicine. The participating disciples all stood up and carefully looked at the magic medicine in the vat. Many of them frowned because they didn’t know these magic medicines. Chen Xiang didn’t know him either, and none of the pill knowledge that Feng Yujie passed on to him was related to these magical medicines. “These magical medicines were obtained by those guys from the Kingdom of God. They will give you the pill formula later, and let you refine the pill according to the pill formula.” Luo Tianjun sent a voice transmission to Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang scanned the crowd quietly, and found a few people who were relatively calm, three of them were young people, and the other two were old people. They were very calm when they saw these strange medicines, and Chen Xiang suspected that they were behind them. , also have a person tell them what the rules are. “There are two jade bet game cards in these big vats, and there are pills in them. This first competition is to refine the lower-grade magic pill of chelsa in the pills within a limited time. After the sand in the hourglass is leaked, it is this The field is over.” The old iron chicken pointed to an hourglass poker in the distance, and the real madrid looked relatively small, and it could only last for two hours at most. With only two hours, it is indeed very difficult to refine two lower-grade divine pills in the Premier League furnace, and they are the kind that have never been refined before. What made Chen Xiang more concerned was that there were only two types of pills, but there were too many magic medicines in the big vat, there were at least a hundred kinds of low-grade magic medicines, and there were more than ten pieces of black trees with a large livescore below them. Betking root. Chen Xiang suspected that these two low-grade pills would have to use up all the magic medicine in the vat. If so, then refining one of the low-grade pills



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