Aoshi Evolution Game Pill God Chapter 1988 Nine days of growth

· This reminded Chen Xiang of Huang Jintian’s situation. Huang Jintian had lived for many years, but he had forgotten what happened many years ago. Yue’er’s situation looked somewhat similar! “I don’t remember wrongly, the cat who saved me back then was your sports betting! BetWinner” Betking Zhu Xiangyuan said with certainty: “Did you lose that memory?” Yue’er was also very puzzled, she firmly believed that she hadn’t lost it Without any memory, she then asked Zhu Xiangyuan when she was rescued by her. After Zhu Xiangyuan told her the exact time, Yue’er shook her head and said, “I was indeed born a long time ago at the time you mentioned, but I have all the memories before that, it’s impossible that this period is the only one I don’t have! You say How did I save you?” Zhu Xiangyuan pondered for a while, and said: “At that time, I was about to be entangled with tree vines by a guy with bark all over his body. At that time, I was already seriously injured. If he One more final blow, and I might die! But at that moment, you Msports suddenly appeared, releasing white light from your body, causing the cane released by the bark man to retract, and then you took me for a fast space Teleportation, took me far away from that dangerous place!” “Although I was seriously injured at that time, I was very conscious, and I will never forget the man city!” Yue’er ran back into Chen Xiang’s backpack, and she also She was not talking, obviously Zhu Xiangyuan suddenly said these things to her, which made her very confused, and she needed to calm down and think about it. “Let’s get down to business, give Yue’er a little time to spin, and now she doesn’t understand what’s going on!” Feng Yujie said. Zhu Xiangyuan nodded, he was very grateful to Yue’er, after all, Yue’er saved his life. Mu Chen as the



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