Ao Shi Dan God BetWinner Chapter 1944 Zhenyang Casino Slot Mutation

Chen Xiang saw that it was so quiet outside, so he knew that they were in a truce, otherwise it would be very tiring to scold each other for days and nights. Feng Yujie took out the jade card with a smile, on it was the mark of the middle alchemist, so she had already passed the assessment, and Chen Xiang also took out the jade card with Betking, which was the lower alchemy. “Haha, it’s really over, old turtle, don’t play tricks.” Boss Gu laughed. Gu Laoer said to Feng Yujie: “Little girl, what kind of middle-grade magic pill did you refine? Slot Games took it out, and that guy said that as long as you can refine it, you can buy it at ten times the price.” The elder who was in charge of the Danxin Pavilion came over and laughed, “So he’s about to vomit blood. The mid-grade pill refined by this little girl is a regeneration pill, and it’s worth at least a million divine essence stones.” Pills do have this value. Some ordinary low-grade magic pills cost more than 100,000 divine essence stones, while middle-grade magic pills are more than six or seven times that of low-grade magic pills, not to mention the healing effect of regenerative magic pills is very good, It can heal the wounds of the body and the soul at the same time. “It’s baccarat, the god of regeneration.” Gu Boss was surprised: “So the old turtle wants to forebet to take out tens of millions of Shenyuan stones.” This is a huge amount, and only the hall master can usually get it out. It is not easy for high-ranking alchemy gods like Gu Boss and the others to take them out all at once. Feng Yujie chuckled lightly and said, “This is the first high-quality regenerative pill that I refined from Pragmatic Play, so I don’t plan to sell it, sorry.” Although Feng Yujie needs the Shenyuan Stone, she doesn’t want to. To embarrass others, in the eyes of these old people, she and Chen Xiang are juniors, they are not as aggressive as Boss Gu. Luo Tianjun smiled and said: “



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