Night Ranger Chapter 73 BGaming Su real madrid wakes up! The ancient red dragon! [fourth more]

Text ps: Read the exclusive story behind “” and listen to your more suggestions for the novel. Follow Paripesa and pay attention to the official account (you can add friends on WeChat, add the official account and enter qdread), and tell me quietly! ………… Cui Linna is dead! Like her pet giant winter wolf, she died in an extremely embarrassing way. Ma Wen’s slap was as fast as lightning, even Wizard Lehman, who wanted to save Cui Linna’s life, couldn’t do anything about it! What’s more, the battle for the holy grail was originally a very cruel game. The winner can not only get the Holy Grail, which symbolizes the highest honor, but also many rewards, including the three-ring tower, and the rewards provided by their respective colleges real madrid. Of course, most of these rewards are for wizards. Everyone who participates in the battle for the Holy Grail is already Nairabet affiliated and ready to die. The relationship between the two sides is life and death. Online Casino Ma Wen killed Premier League Cui Linna, but there is nothing wrong with 22Bet! The dust has settled! Everyone looked at the man-bear who didn’t look ferocious at all, but rather cute in the magic mirror, and shook their heads in their hearts. In this world, you really can’t judge people by their appearance. The baccarat of the Anzura bear was cute and tight, but the scene of killing wolves and killing people just now kept flashing in everyone’s minds. This is simply a killing machine! The game was over, and this time, the always weak Tower of Ashes actually won the game. While everyone was moved, they also congratulated everyone in the Magore Academy. The instructors at Magor College naturally felt that they were honored. Especially Hensel. In the previous competition, he wished he could arrest Marvin and strangle him to death, but now he looks at Marvin with admiration. this



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