Proud Leap World Pill God Chapter 1 Spinmatic869 A strong enemy from the Supreme Temple

Chen Xiang deliberately walked very slowly, because this way he could buy himself more time to refine that godhead. He is now the middle true god, and in this Pragmatic play he will face the Slot Games monsters of the upper true god . He entered the desert, and after walking a few hundred steps, Yue’er flew away from him. With the previous experience of betting, Chen Xiang knew that it was because Yue’er sensed that something was approaching from the nearby Leap, so he left him. This meant that he was about to fight again, and now he had to stop refining the godhead. On the black Endorphina-colored lake in the previous level, all he met were evil people whose limbs could separate their bodies, and the things that appeared in this desert, even if they weren’t that kind of evil people, must be more powerful than that kind of evil people . Chen Xiang waited on the spot for a while, there was nothing to attack him, and he could also see the Moon Premier League flying far away, if he encountered an attack before, he would be trapped in a special space until he finished fighting Only then will that space be released. “Here we come.” Yue’er shouted, and Chen Xiang saw a vortex appearing in the sand in front, a yellow light sprayed out from the sports betting vortex, and a man in yellow appeared. The person who appeared in this level turned out to be a normal person, and he didn’t have any evil spirits on him, which made Chen Xiang feel a little disappointed. If it was that kind of demon thing, he could easily deal with it by using the seven methods of Paripesa to kill demons. The man in yellow who emerged from the poker ground had a pair of eyes full of coldness, when he saw that Chen Xiang only possessed the cultivation level of an average true God, he showed a disdainful sneer. “It’s good to be able to get to this level, no wonder I was sent here, so it’s a guy like you who came to conduct the trial.” The man in yellow sneered and took out a golden spear. Chen Xiang curled his lips,



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