Proud Mozzartbet World Pill God Chapter 1854casino Slot The use of the magic mirror

“Boring.//” Long Xueyi curled her lips, and continued to eat her food. Xuanwu has also awakened the memory of his previous life, so he will definitely grow up very fast in the future, and his strength will definitely be very strong, and now he knows a lot about the past. Chen Xiang was very curious about these things, and asked: “Senior Xuanwu, do you know about the Supreme Demon God?” Xuanwu originally was robbing Long Xueyi for food with a smile on his face, but when Shen Parimatchxiang asked, he immediately became serious Get up and stop playing with Long Xueyi. Xuanwu said with a full face of resentment: “Of course I know about Slot Games. When we were killed, we had a lot to do with this guy. Sooner or later we will settle accounts with this guy. What’s wrong, you guys met him, but it doesn’t matter.” Maybe, if you really met this guy, you should have died a long time ago.” Long Xueyi suddenly asked: “Strange old man, do you know what the Magic Mirror of Six Paths does? My memory is missing, so I don’t know much about these things ” Xuanwu stood up abruptly, looked at Long Xueyi in astonishment, asked in a low voice, “little girl, you have the Magic Mirror of Six Paths.” Long Xueyi shook her head: “I don’t, this premier There are league brats.” Xuan Wu looked at Chen Xiang fiercely, those eyes full of astonishment made Chen Xiang’s heart shudder. Long Xueyi told Xuanwu about this because she had great trust in Xuanwu. “Okay, as long as Nairabet doesn’t fall into the hands of the Supreme Old Demon.” Xuanwu nodded: “You keep it well, before you become a great god, don’t let the Supreme Old Demon know about this, otherwise it will be troublesome. It’s gone.” “You haven’t said how to use BetWinner yet, the mirror of six paths is damaged now, and it will take a little time to restore it.” Long



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