Dark Night 22Bet Ranger Chapter 59 Territory Status [Third update! 】

Share this site by title and author: Style settings: Tips: The reading records at the top of the page will automatically save the BetWinner reading records on your computer, no need to register. Thanks to Qing and Wu for 2w point reward plus monthly pass! Thanks to Tianma Meteor Cannon for 2w point reward plus monthly pass! Thanks to the book friends who smile only when they are sad 2w point reward plus monthly pass! Thanks to Blue Sky, the Great Demon King of the Dead House for 1w point rewarding parimatch plus monthly pass! At the same time, I would like to thank other book friends who have given rewards. Since I read it too fast, I can only find it from the fan list. Please forgive me if there are any omissions. In addition, this book is currently listed in the new book Monthly Ticket Tower of Ashes, which has a certain weight in the entire south, and forming an alliance with a small White River Valley is a ridiculous livescore thing in itself. If Marvin hadn’t found the Book of Naaru for Hathaway, and Hathaway had mistakenly believed that Marvin was the Awakened One, this kind of thing would never have been accomplished. In the eyes of outsiders, this matter is very strange. The more strange things are. The more eyeballs it can attract, this simple 22Bet alliance announcement by 1xBet has attracted a lot of attention. at the same time. Ma Wen’s deeds also began to come into the eyes of everyone. Adding in his outrageous performance in the Third Ring Tower before, it’s hard not to let people’s imagination run wild. Most flashscore people believe that Marvin and Hathaway have a very special relationship. It was no wonder that the purple-robed wizard who admired Hathaway showed such hostility towards Marvin. “Sure enough, the Betwaybaccarat tree attracts the wind.” Marvin smiled wryly. Now I have some reputation, but the reputation brought to me is not necessarily a good thing. so much



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