Aoshidan Paripesa God Chapter 17 Evolution game 34 Godhead Hunter

The quiet thief Chen Xiang Mozzatbet has cultivated the Purple Gold Bone, and after becoming stronger, he has more confidence, not to mention he also has the Qinglong cloak lent to him by Qinglong. He left No. 2 calamity star, and soon came to the city where Fengshen’s money is located, and found some secret notes here, which were left to him by Yu Fan. Chen Xiang also left a secret note here, asking Yu Fan to come out and meet. Yu Fan couldn’t meet Chen Xiang in the Fengshen Bank, otherwise the Devil Emperor of Hell would find out about him, and he would definitely be found and blamed by Fengshen at that time. Chen Xiang rented a room in the city, and then stayed away from the city, so as not to be located by the Devil Emperor of Hell. He waited until the appointed time before returning to the room in the city, and it was already late at night. Yu Fan did not enter the room, he sent a voice transmission to Chen Xiang outside the window: “It’s good that you are still alive, I never thought that you would come out alive after going to No. 2 disaster star.” betting “It’s just luck! I have a goal Is it? I’m going to start doing it.” Chen Xiang said. “Yes, your next target is the younger brother of the city lord. This guy is not a good guy, and his strength is not very strong, because his father is stronger than Betway in the realm of gods, so he has a godhead.” Yu Fan hurriedly said Tell Chen Xiang the target person’s information. The image sent by Fan has already appeared in Shen Xiang’s mind. For Yu Fan, Chen Xiang was his cash cow, as long as he got one godhead, he could get 20 million god money, Chen Xiang had already helped him get one before. But Yu Fan didn’t tell Chen Xiang that after Chen Xiang killed 20 people, he would definitely be sent to hell when he went to the God of Punishment. From Chen Xiang’s point of view, Yu Fan wanted to kill him, and now he can’t wait to express this differently in Msports.



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