Betting World-Proud Pill God NetEnt Chapter 1600 God Demon Emperor

Pragmatic play version of the mobile version text query: Hot keywords: Author: Category: Tianlong’s attack is not over yet, and the golden clouds in the sky have turned into golden dragons one after another, carrying strong evil-slaying holy power, falling into the competition like raindrops tower. Betking Square has been ravaged to the brim, and this casino Slot is still the power of the two Sacred Dragons of Forebet just now. If so many of them are knocked down at this time, it will definitely be razed to the ground, maybe even the houses around the square will be destroyed. was affected. Just when everyone was terrified, Lei Di waved his hand, and saw a black wind roaring towards him. The black wind flashed with purple thunders and turned into a hood, covering the competition platform, and the beast whizzed around the competition platform. , lightning and thunder, the situation changes color. Inside the fighting platform, the golden dragons fell down one after another, bursting out bursts of golden flashes and shocks. Lei Di cut off the power erupting there, and the scene that everyone imagined did not appear. “End!” Shouted the old man from the Saint Thunder Sky Territory, Biparimatch’s platform became calm, the golden clouds in the sky dispersed, Lei Di put away his power Bet9ja, a tall and thin man Lying on the horrible platform Son, has lost combat effectiveness. [] “Tianlong Realm wins!” The people from Tianxie Realm immediately rushed to the stage to help the tall and thin man. It seemed that his body was still intact, but he passed out and was not seriously injured. He didn’t die in the face of this kind of mad attack, this kind of strength is not bad. Although they won the victory, there was no smile on the leader’s face that day. It must be because he couldn’t kill the evil man that day, and he didn’t end their grievances. The competition platform has been destroyed, and the people in the Saint Thunder Sky Territory are considering whether to buy it or not.



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