Night Ranger Chapter 46 Treasure Hunting flashscoreSlot Games

As the dawn gradually came, Marvin ran the Online Casino tirelessly in the Chiba Forest. He ran recklessly, with an extra pass in his hand, even if he encountered the Elf Iron Guard, he would be easily let go. After accepting the blessing of the Night King, he only felt that his whole body was full of strength. After becoming a night walker, his strength has undergone a qualitative change. His attributes have been strengthened again, and at the same time, because the total level (Ranger 5/Night Walker 1) has reached level 6, he has obtained a new BetWinner attribute point. Marvin dropped it on agility without hesitation. This is the path he took, and he would not consider putting free attribute points on other attributes until he had stacked up to 25 points of agility. Chiba no Mori is very big, but for Marvin, many places here are very familiar with Betway. On that page of Nalu’s book, Parimatch can be said to be the easiest artifact in Feinan. Although it is only a missing piece, the man city is not in danger. “I remember it was in the north of a small elf village. There seems to be a waterfall there.” “The cold pool at the bottom of the waterfall is very cold, and it is only possible to dive in if the cold resistance attribute reaches 5 or more.” The book was placed in that pond.” Marvin walked towards the target direction, recalling the hiding place of the book of Naru that night. The forest of Chiba is too vast, and the elven village here is just some embellishment. There is no way to find the Book of the Naaru without enough information. It’s no wonder that no one has discovered it for so many years. The sun was gradually rising, and Marvin didn’t feel rumbled to adapt. However, the kind that is like a fish in the night



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