Aoshi Danshen Chapter 1585 Online Casino Tianlongwei 22Bet attack

Shen Xiang, who was in a daze, was awakened by the power pouring into the Divine Sea, which made him sober up a lot. At this moment, he was looking inside the ziji Divine Sea poker, which was constantly expanding into the glow. Fengyunwang “The heart of killing gods has been refined?” Chen Xiang felt the pain in his chest, his heart was beating juliè, and it was gradually shrinking. “It’s about to start!” Qi Shi shouted. Jiang Sheng immediately picked up the Sacred Heart Fruit and came to Chen Xiang’s pángbiān, concentrating on sensing the changes in Chen Xiang’s heart. As soon as Jiang Sheng discovered that Chen Xiang’s killing heart had completely disappeared, he immediately used the sacred heart fruit to press the difāng on Chen Xiang’s heart. The sacred heart fruit’s radiant Nairabet flashed, and it miraculously penetrated into Chen Xiang’s skin and muscles, entering into it. The wèpremier league izhi in the heart quickly merged with Chen Xiang, and started to rumble wildly, running blood circulation. The blood circulates through the heart to the whole body, making Chen Xiang’s body scorching hot. This is because the sacred heart is tempering Chen Xiang’s blood, the powerful blood livescore penetrates into the muscles and bones, making his whole body stronger. Refining the godhead, it was difficult to seduce Chen Xiang’s nàme in his imagination, he thought it would take a long time to use the servants, but now it seems that not only the progress is very smooth, but the servants are also used very little. The ray of light in his divine sea is gradually shrinking and starting to solidify! For example, the final stage of congealing alchemy during his alchemy is very critical. “Refining this godhead, don’t you know how much benefit it will bring me?” Chen Xiang thought to himself, because the appearance of this godhead in the sea of ​​gods made the sea water transformed by divine power very unsettled and tumbling crazily . “I want to change breasts



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