Aoshi Danshen Chapter 1570 Parimatch Seven betting dragon

Silly little thief, I love reading! “I love reading.” “Boy, take it if you say so. Although your real madrid has the Qinglong Demon Slayer Knife, do you dare to face us alone..” A thunder dragon on the opposite side With a loud roar, he looked very angry: “You are still young, now that you have entered the emperor’s tomb, whether you can come out alive is still another matter.” The leader of the ice dragon smiled faintly: “What is it to bully a child? Your grandson’s grandson is much younger, but he killed a lot of your descendants just now, if it comes to heads-up, do you dare to face me yourself?” “Maybe it wasn’t possible before, but it should be possible now, little brother , I don’t know if I can borrow the Ice Dragon Sword.” As soon as the ice dragon leader said this, Endorphina made the faces of the ten dragons on the opposite side suddenly serious, and Chen Xiang laughed: “I not only have the Ice Dragon Sword here, but also the Holy Dragon Sword. Dragon Sword, Fire Dragon Sword, Heavenly Evil Holy Sword, I can lend you all.” He had already taken out the famous Betway holy swords back then, shaking them in his hands, which scared the dragons Not lightly, throwing out three Seven Dragon Sacred Swords at once, this is unprecedented in bet game history, even in those days, it was difficult for these Paripesa swords to get together, Chen Xiang didn’t care what those ice dragons wanted No, I threw them all over, and was caught by the leader of the ice dragon. He, who was well-trained, couldn’t help being shocked at this moment, and got three Seven Dragons and one Heavenly Evil Sacred Sword at once. He could feel his hands trembling. This was a very famous and peerless holy weapon back then. The holy swords also have three, six or nine grades, and these holy swords are the best kind. ” Chen Xiang threw the Azure Dragon Devil-Slaying Knife out again, although casino Slot would not



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