A world-defying alchemy chapter flashscore155man cityChapter 5 returns to Ditian

The text version of the mobile version article query: Hot keywords: Author: Category: Chen Xiang has the Suppressing Demon Sacred Seal in hand, and has obtained most of the inheritance of the Demon Suppressing Heavenly Venerable, but betting he doesn’t want to take over this town In his eyes at Slot Games, Betway is a mess. The Temple of Suppressing Demons is no longer the one founded by the champions league Suppressing Demons Tianzun, and has long deviated from the original intention of its establishment. However, he thinks that Lu Qilian may take over in the future. After all, it was left behind by her father, and she has learned more magical skills of suppressing demons. A powerful guardian of the temple died in the temple of suppressing demons, but was killed by Chen Xiang. This news spread rumble and immediately caused an uproar. It was soon conveyed to Ditian, where all the powerful people gathered, that Chen Xiang was the owner of that dragon vein, and now that dragon vein was the target of many big forces scrambling for it. Now that Chen Xiang showed up, and easily killed a temple guardian, you can see His strength has greatly increased, which puts some pressure on those big forces. Because of the reappearance of Ditian in Parimatch, the other nine days have become relatively deserted. Many big forces have migrated to Ditian, which has the aura of the Holy Spirit. , Occupying his own territory there, incorporating some big and small sects that were originally on Ditian, Chen Xiang went to the original Baihua Fairy Kingdom, came to the Baihua Mountain Range, and looked for the mountain where Grandma Lu lived in seclusion. He wanted to find Bai Ziqian , told her Bai Youyou’s current situation, but that mountain peak was no longer there, and was blasted away, “Grandma Lu also went to Ditian.” Chen Xiang looked at the endless sky, he knew that Di Surebet 247 days were just above. , but it is too far away from here to be seen with the naked eye, and can only be reached quickly through the teleportation array, “go to the emperor



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