World-Defying Pill God Leap Chapter 1rumble540 New partner

Shen Xiang saw something, and asked, “Is it because of your Holy Spirit Fire Soul?” Ji Linger froze for a moment, she really didn’t think about it, because the Holy Spirit Fire Soul is nothing in her eyes, Now that she sees Hongxia’s appearance, she knows that Chen Xiang’s words are indistinguishable from each other, “That’s right, because my uncle wants my Holy Spirit and Fire Soul, he arranged for our three sisters and that senior brother to go out on business, and the only way to leave is this day They dared to do it in the holy area, we didn’t know at that time, after following that senior brother to their ambush point, they grabbed them and forced me to hand over the Holy Spirit Fire Soul.” Seeing Hongxia’s grief-stricken face, Ji Ling’er walked over and hugged her to comfort her. “Just when I agreed, the eldest sister and the second sister resisted, and the elder brother fought with them. In the end, they all… blew themselves up in order to let me escape.” At this point, Hongxia’s face was full of tears. Before Chen Xiang knew how powerful Paripesa’s holy spirit and fire soul was, he didn’t expect to be targeted so soon, and he was also Hongxia’s Bet9ja’s own livescore person. “Your master was also there when we were in the competition?” Chen Xiang asked. “She is no longer my master. I don’t have such a master. She betrayed our three sisters for a holy pill.” Hongxia was full of resentment, clenched her jade fists tightly, and gritted her teeth: “One day, I will It will make their lives worse than death.” “This kind of thing can’t be rushed, just prepare slowly.” Chen Xiang said: “You have the Holy Spirit Fire Soul, if you make good use of it, it will give you a very strong power. Dudu8. Net “Ji Linger asked curiously: “Why does your Uncle Nairabet want your Holy Spirit Fire Soul? I know that the Holy Spirit Fire Soul is powerful, but where is it so powerful?”



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