live betting Aoshi Danshen Chapter 1525 Parimatch scares you

Back to page background color: font selection: category: author: title: “What are you happy about?” In this regard, “It’s nothing, it’s just that this jade bet game is more man city than I imagined.” Chen Xiang smiled, wiping the sweat off his face, during the continuous alchemy, he always hit the spirit to a high degree and released his energy. The baccarat amount of flames made him sweat so much. Ji Ling’er didn’t understand, and stuck out her tongue: “Go take a bath, you’ve been doing it for a long time, take a rest by the way, I feel tired for you just looking at it “It’s nothing, I’ve been used to it for a long time.” Chen Xiang smiled, and walked towards the bathroom that Ji Linger built, but it was simply separated by a screen, and there was a relatively large bathtub inside. Ling’er came over, took out a small golden bottle, and poured some clear water into the bath, “This water is not ordinary water. I collected it when I was in the mine, and it was soaked by a lot of holy stones.” I have collected a lot of underground spring water.” After Ji Ling’er filled the bath, she smiled charmingly: “Do you want me to be with you, roulette.” Chen Xiang smiled and said, “That would be the best.” Ji Ling’er blushed and said with a coquettish smile, “You think beautifully.” The affiliate Chen Xiang heated the water in the bath to boiling, and the water Some of the holy power contained in it melted into his physical body more quickly, quickly dispelling the fatigue on his body, he lay on his back in the bath, closed his eyes, and operated the Nine-turn Dragon Mozzartbet Divine Art Slot Games, and put those rich holy power full aerosol inhalation body



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