Aoshi Danshen Chapter 1495 rumble Holy Pragmatic play The horror of the beast

After the big knife in Lei Jian’s hand was pierced through, the man also came to him and slapped him lightly, a burst of golden light flashed from his palm, and Lei Jian’s chest suddenly exploded, bursting out a burst of blood, but It didn’t splash on the man. The man flashed back to his original position, standing with the woman in the golden skirt, and Lei Jian was also repelled by a palm, but there was a blood pit on his chest the size of a paripesa basin, and the beating heart was clearly visible. It can be seen that it makes people’s scalp numb. At this time, everyone’s backs were covered with cold air. This Lei Jian was in the Nine Heavens, but Roulette was a strong man with four or five ranks in the Saint Transformation Realm, but the man almost killed him with a random slap. The most frightening thing was The man’s precise control of power only broke Lei Jian’s chest, but did not hurt his heart. “The pair of men and women should be the middle-aged sons and daughters of Liverpool. They are both adult holy lions, so the young couple should be regarded as little holy beasts.” Long Chelsea Xueyi said. This Tianyu was much more terrifying than Chen Xiang imagined. Not long after he entered, he met three holy beasts, although two of them were small holy beasts. Even Lv Qilian, who was usually very confident, was sweating down her cheeks at this moment. How could she fail to see the strength of the three in front of her? I’m afraid no one knows the strength of the three wild lions better than her. However, she refused to follow them back to serve as a slave. “Now you all know how weak you are.” The middle-aged man smiled coldly: “Hurry up and make a choice. The fact that you can come to Leap means that you in BGaming still have some strength and some use!” Lu Qilian’s face suddenly changed He became gloomy, and said to the people behind him: “Run quickly, here



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