Proud livescore World Alchemy God Chapter 148premier league0 Chapter Immortal Diamond Pill

Chen Xiang has enough holy power, he can use the divine refining method to get rid of his face, and he can use the colorful holy fire for a long time, which can save a lot of time. After the Vajra Fruit was turned into a fairy by him with the divine liquid of creation, he immediately rumbled to start refining, The vajra fruit was placed in the palm of his hand, and as he released the seven-colored holy fire, the color of the vajra fruit changed rapidly, and the seven colors flashed quickly, “Oops, I didn’t control the flame well.)” Chen Xiang hurriedly put away the terrifying seven-color live betting The holy fire, but the vajra fruit has been turned into ashes, Leap “wasted, it seems that only a single holy fire can be used, Parimatch I have not fully controlled the seven-colored holy fire.” Chen Xiang sighed betting, he used the seven-colored holy fire It is no problem to pour 1xBet when attacking, but it is not good for fine alchemy. Immortal-level first-grade alchemy has a good effect on him now, but the refining difficulty is quite high, and the medicinal materials used for upgrading are relatively low. Few, very few people sell this kind of medicine, you need to buy bet games or use precious things to get it, so after the immortal diamond fruit was abolished, it made him quite heartbroken, this is a lot of immortal crystals, poker He doesn’t have much creative liquid, he accumulated a lot in the past, but he used it to copy the holy beast fruit to refine the holy beast pill, so Long Xueyi’s current strength is much stronger than him, but Long Xueyi can’t eat it The Holy Beast Pill of Young Immortal Grade, “There are two more, we can’t waste any more.” Chen Xiang took out another Immortal Grade Vajra Fruit, put it in his palm, and carefully released the holy fire to burn it, the golden holy fire scattered It produces a lot of heat, which is much stronger than those champions leagues before Spinmatic. When he refined the holy beast fruit, he used the holy fire to refine it. The holy fire itself contains many special energies.



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