The Curtain of Chapter 1465 of Paripesa 1465 is opened

At first, Lu Qilian thought that she was secretly making a move to Chen Xiang, but now she realized that she was wrong, she had admitted the wrong person, but in fact she was not mistaken, that was Chen Xiang, and now Chen Xiang was secretly giving her the wrong person. One knife, even she didn’t realize it, “Stay here in LiveScore, don’t act rashly, you must teach that guy a lesson aboveboard, I’m going to do something.” Lu Qilian returned to the Baihua Fairy Kingdom with a lot of thoughts, and went to the Baihua Fairyland. In the mountains, Grandma Lu knew that Lu Qilian was coming, but she didn’t come out. Although her betting daughter was doing it for her own good and not letting her mess around, she was still a little angry and hid in the house, not wanting to see her. “Mom.” Lu Qilian yelled softly outside the door. Of course she knew that Grandma Lu didn’t see her on purpose, and she has been doing this for many years. Dad’s whereabouts.” Grandma Lu sighed softly, she already knew everything arranged by Lu Qilian, Spinmatic “that kid didn’t go to the hall master’s assessment, he didn’t do what I expected, instead he treated his real madrid friends.” One of them is the Demon Suppressing Temple.” It was the first time Lu Qilian felt this kind of frustration, she could only come to Grandma Lu to talk, Grandma Lu opened the door, Evolution Game came out, Lu Qilian walked over, sat down On a stone bench, although the place is full of poison, she is not afraid, “Oh…” Grandma Lu walked down slowly, and sighed, “Have you ever wondered why he didn’t go as you expected?” “Grandma Lu asked, she obviously already knew the reason, the last time Chen Xiang came, her Liverpool had already seen that Chen Xiang was dissatisfied with Lu Qilian’s actions,



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