Night Ranger Chapter 32 Defeat each Slot Gamesreal madrid

Under the night of the text, the taverns in the business district are still thriving. From the back door of the Black Dragon Tavern, a young man came out mysteriously. In the shadows, Marvin waited quietly. “This is the news you want.” The young man looked a little scared, but he still walked over and handed something to Marvin. Marvin flipped through it in a hurry to confirm whether there were obvious traces of fake Liverpool, and then readily threw him a wizard gold coin. There was a hint of greed in the young man’s eyes. He hurriedly took the gold coin, took a bite, and awkwardly hid it under his boot. “If there is a problem with the information, you know what will happen.” Marvin said lightly. “I swear. There is absolutely no problem. Those few Slot Games people often come to our place to gather, and I even suspect that our boss and his Slot Games also have poker collusion.” The young man whispered: “Anyway, I will resign in two days Quit doing it, this information is absolutely accurate.” “Besides, you are not the first buyer anymore, there are also a lot of flashscore bounty hunters who want to kill the heads of those guys from the Namarcus Thieves.” “But they Very cunning, I can only guarantee the accuracy of the information, but I cannot guarantee that you will succeed.” Marvin nodded. Suddenly, he stepped closer to the young man. Before the poor bartender could react to Nairabet’s arrival, Marvin cut the back of his head with a hand knife. He passed out. casino Slot “I’m sorry, it’s not that I’m not trustworthy. It’s just that you need to sleep for a while before confirming the authenticity of the information.” Marvin said in a low voice. In the darkness, he dragged the body of the bartender Forebet into the shadows. No matter what you do, intelligence comes first



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