Aoshi Danshen Chapter 120 The clues left by the evil emperor

When Duan Ming saw Chen Xiang stop suddenly, he knew that Chen Xiang had made a major discovery. He waited quietly on the sidelines. As for Duan Ming, Chen Xiang had been in contact with him for a while. Duan Ming himself is very strong. Paripesa, if you want to take him down, you can do it long ago, that’s why Chen Xiang trusts him now. Seeing Shen Xiang open his eyes, Duan Ming hurriedly asked: “Did you find the roulette? Chen Xiang clicked Betway head: “There are many messy messages in it, you need to find the correct ones to piece them together, and finally find the destination. “It seems that it will take a long time. No wonder the old guy from the Xie family plans to spend decades.” Duan Ming said, “No, I’ve already pieced it together.” “Chen Xiang smiled and said, “Where is it. “Duan Ming asked in surprise, “I’m afraid we are going to Longtian, the evil emperor actually hid things in Longtian, which is the place of the imperial dragon clan. “Chen Xiang felt a little tricky. If the casino slot evil emperor really had something in Longtian, it is impossible for the Royal Dragon Clan not to know, “I heard that the Royal Feather Clan is also in Longtian now, but overall the Royal Dragon Clan is powerful, so the Royal Dragon Clan is Long Tian is in charge of Surebet247. “Seeing Duan Ming’s serious face, Chen Xiang said: “You are so powerful la liga, what else do you have to be afraid of. “”This statement is wrong. Although I am strong, flashscore does not mean that I am invincible in the world. The strongest guy in the Imperial Dragon Clan is not the holy dragon who claims to be the Dragon Emperor. Dragons have a long lifespan. Who knows that in the Imperial Dragon Clan Is there such a powerful old dragon? “Duan Ming shook his head: “If I set foot on Longtian, there will be certain dangers. I am not the same as dragons. Dragons are all spiritual cultivators, but I am a Sanxian, and I rely on my physical body.



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