Alchemy God Chapter 1405 Surebet247 eat barbecue with Mozzatbet

Reminder: Only the 10 most recently browsed books are placed in the browsing history. The NetEnt membership browsing history is empty. Meng’er: “Sister Meng’er.” Liu Meng’er nodded slightly in response. “Young Spinmatic, what a skill.” Liu Zongyu patted Chen Xiang’s thick shoulder, and laughed. “Of course, he is my junior.” Wang Weiquan also laughed. Xue Xianxian looked at Mu Qianxiang, and Mu Qianxiang smiled at her: “Little sister Mu Qianxiang, I have met my sister-in-law.” On the way here, champions league Xue Xianxian heard Wang Weiquan talk about Mu Qianxiang. “Xiao Xiang, what method did this dead ghost use to make you recognize him as your eldest brother? You are a fairy, and you are still so young.” Xue Xianxian gave Chen Xiang Endorphina a white look. “He was very kind to me and rescued me from danger.” Mu Qianxiang smiled faintly. She found that Xue Xianxian had a very strong power in his body. His strength seemed to be comparable to hers, and even stronger than her by a betting point. “Let’s go in and talk.” Wang Weiquan hastily called people in, and then closed the door of the man city in the hall, and set up some barriers. “Take out those things, let me see the goods first.” Song Ying said directly, Wang Weiquan had already told them that Chen Xiang had a batch of black goods in his hand to sell. Liu Meng’er was on the side, and Chen Xiang sent her a sound transmission, but she just responded simply, worried that her parents would see some affiliate, because she was Xue Xianxian’s master, and she had that kind of relationship with Chen Xiang, she Parents will definitely disagree. Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen knew something, but they didn’t say anything. They both knew that Nairabet couldn’t do this kind of thing.



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