Aoshidan Betway God Chapter 139NetEnt0 I will not give you if you lose it

Chen Xiang pushed the stone door hard, but it couldn’t be opened. “It seems that it is not feasible to use the normal method to enter.” Chen Xiang had no choice but to use the power of space law to pass through this stone gate. The stone door is very thick, Chen Xiang almost couldn’t pass through it, he came to the door now, it was a dark passage, he used all his power to explore the front, and soon learned that this passage was through the deep underground . “The rocks of this rocky mountain are very solid, and there is also a large formation. It seems that those people are afraid of being tossed by the Sanxian Tribulation. In order to keep some good seedlings, they will spare no effort to build this refuge.” Long Xueyi Said. The divine power that Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi released to investigate was suddenly stopped by a force. “It seems that there is a layer of enchantment inside, the protection is very thoughtful!” Long Xueyi said. This 1xBet mountain is equivalent to a cover, and the inside is reinforced. The place of refuge is under the deep ground in the middle of this mountain. When Chen Xiang came to the middle, he saw a vertical hole leading to the deep ground. Chen Xiang jumped down, and after a while, he reached the bottom. There was some light below Sportybet, which came out from a gap in a stone door. “They’re already inside. There are not a few champions leagues. It seems that this is a place built by nine clans.” Long Xueyi said. Chen Xiang walked to the door, pushed the livescore open the stone door easily, and immediately saw the huge basement inside, with a warm glow inside, there were some real madrid tents beside the basement, and there were some tents in the open space. People are walking around, or Surebet247 is chatting together in groups of three or four. As soon as the door was pushed open, everyone inside looked over, only to see an unfamiliar face in Parimatch. “Brother Shen



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