Aoshi Danshen Chapter 75 of Leap13Evolution game The Giant Shadow in the River

Tip: The browsing history only places the 10 most recently browsed books. The browsing history is empty. The water in the small river is very clean, but it’s just a little less angry. Chen Xiang suddenly felt that those night demons might be afraid of water, otherwise this champions league river would be too. unsafe. At night, even at the bottom of the river, Chen Xiang could still hear the cries of those night demons, but the sounds were not so ear-piercing. “This river is very narrow but very deep. It doesn’t look like a normal river. Could it be that someone dug it out on purpose? A river like this can’t grow large beasts at all, so don’t worry about giant beasts in it.” ” “Long Xueyi said live betting. Those who can build this kind of safe route must be very familiar with this holy beast ancient domain, and their own strength is also very strong. On the map is the mark of Dandi Premier League, and Dandi Surebet247 is a legend. It is much stronger than the Fire Emperor and Ice Emperor. If these safe routes are really made by him, it is also reasonable. Chen Xiang followed the current and felt that the speed of the current was too slow, so Spinmatic swam forward by himself, because he was anxious to solve the mystery of the map, what exactly did Emperor Dan hide there, and whether there was anything there? What about the lid of the cauldron? There is also the map put together by the Emperor Dragon Clan, the Temple of Fire and the Temple of Demon Suppression, where will it lead to in the end? What does Nairabet have there? This waterway is very long, according to the map, it is longer than the crack in the mountain before, which means that Chen Xiang will spend a lot of time here, but fortunately his speed in the water can also be kept the same as on land. “You can still see that Demon Killing Peak!” Chen Xiang swam betting at the bottom of the river for a few days, then poked his head out to have a look.



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