Ao Shi Pill God Chapter 1360roulette Saint NetEnt Beast Sugar

The Holy Beast Fruit is already available, and the next step is to refine the Holy Beast Pill for Long Xueyi. Chen Xiang had one before, but if it fails, not a single one can be refined. Even if it succeeds, it will be based on Long Xueyi’s appetite. , it is difficult to satisfy her. If Chen Xiang wanted to survive in the Ancient Saint Beast Realm, he not only had to improve his own strength, but also made Long Xueyi stronger, so that he could be safer. Ji Meixian came out of Youyao Jie, and at this time the nearest fairy palace also needs to run continuously for ten days and ten nights, so it is relatively safe. She looked at the majestic green hills around her, took a breath of fresh air, stayed in the Youyao ring for a long time live betting, and missed the outside world very much. Youyou felt helpless, and these days, she communicated well with them inside, and her relationship improved a lot. “You have a very strong spiritual sense, that’s your Msports talent, if you do what I said NetEnt, it won’t take long to get rid of those dog’s pursuit.” Long Xueyi said, Ji Meixian is Chen Xiang’s female slave, so In the Youyao Ring, she also taught her the method of the BGaming Young Emperor Dragon Clan. 22Bet “I know, you don’t have to worry too much about me. The body armor on my body is very powerful. Even if Paripesa meets someone as strong as the Dragon Emperor, I will not die.” Ji Meixian said. Chen Xiang and Ji Meixian made a set of secret notes to facilitate their contact with Liverpool in the future. “Take care.” Chen Xiang flipped the messy hair on Ji Meixian’s forehead and said with a smile. “You should also take care, you are more dangerous than me.” Ji Meixian smiled at him. Ji Meixian flew away from this mountain, while Chen Xiang found a relatively quiet corner, and dug a hole there.



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