Proud Mozzartbet Pill God Chapter 1316 affiliate 1316 Don’t underestimate me

“Resign to fate!” Chen Xiang sneered, swiped the big knife, the shadow of the knife was heavy, and with one swipe, he chopped the immortal king who was poisoned to the marrow with deep knife marks all over his body. Fei Su, Wang, the demon king’s body is still very strong, if it were someone else, it would probably have been turned into pieces. “You…” Chen Xiang sensed several auras approaching quickly, and hurriedly gathered his strength to release a cloud of seven-colored sky fire, which penetrated into the body of the Immortal King of Suppressing Demons, burning it until his soul and body were completely destroyed. “Hurry up!” Bai Ziqian’s injuries were not too serious, she pulled Chen Xiang to run away again, even if Chen Xiang didn’t show up, she could still escape. Just when they came to real madrid, the four old men came out of the Slot Games next to the pile of colorful sky fires that hadn’t been burned yet. Looking at the pile of colorful sky fires, the faces of these demon kings were extremely dignified. . “I haven’t seen this kind of flame for a long time. The person who can release this kind of flame is definitely not a monster. Liverpool didn’t expect that there was such a powerful guy next to the witch, and another fairy king died. It seems that it is time to report to the temple. There.” An old man said seriously. “Who is it? There are only a few guys who can release the colorful sky fire! It is necessary for the Lord of the Hall to ask those guys, and now two fairy kings have died.” For super powers, it is a very serious matter for livescore. The heaven is so vast, and there are many pokers, but there are very few fairy kings. Now when the Demon Town Temple is chasing and killing Bai Ziqian, two of them have died. This is a big deal matter. But now that they have lost track of Bai Ziqian, what makes them feel uneasy is that there is someone beside Bai Ziqian who knows how to use seven



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