Rumble Alchemy God Chapter 130bet game 1 personal maid

The text version of the mobile version article query: hot keywords: author: category: “BGaming is not weak, she has the same strength as you, and she just became a fairy!” Long Xueyi said a little unhappily: “I didn’t expect that their poker would use this This is a way to keep the alchemist, it’s too despicable.” Chen Xiang also agreed with her: “It’s indeed too despicable baccarat, but I like it…” “Hmph, little scoundrel.” Su Meiyao and Long Xueyi snorted coquettishly at the same time. “Although I, Betting, have two female slaves, they are not female slaves in the true sense. The one in front of Slot Games… Hehe.” Chen Xiang said with a smirk. Xiaoling handed Chen Xiang a piece of animal skin at this time, Chen Xiang opened it and saw many treaties written on it. [] Stay up late to read the book 1301 “This is what Manager Ma asked me to give to you. If you think there is no problem, sign this contract.” Xiaoling said. Chen Xiang looked at the content of the contract carefully, and murmured: “The contract of Danzong requires you to go to the pharmacy to get the medicinal materials every month, and make enough five hundred earth-level high-grade pills, and the types are not limited. The reward is 50,000 cents per month Jing.” “Well, it’s not bad!” Chen Xiang nodded. “This is the most basic requirement. If Lord Yan only needs Paripesa to refine 100,000 earth-level high-grade pills, you will not be bound by this contract in the future, and you can leave our pill shop at any time.” Xiaoling said. Chen Xiang still didn’t understand, and asked: “Why do I have a servant girl, chelsa? Are there any other alchemists? I feel that your elixir shop will lose money by doing this.” Xiao Ling smiled and said: “It won’t be a loss, Earth-level high-grade pills can be sold for three to four hundred immortal crystals, and the cost of medicinal materials is fifty immortal crystals per piece. Master Yan refines one



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