World Proud Pill God BGaming Chapter 1286 Affiliate Holy Spirit Jade Rabbit

Chen Xiang still doesn’t know what dangerous things Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan are going to do. He once probed them, but they didn’t say anything. レ.Siluke.Thinkerレ “It seems that the person we are waiting for will not come today.” Yao Shumei looked at the sky and said. “Then I’ll go out to buy something, what do you want to eat?” Mu Jialan looked at Chen Xiang, she was very polite to Chen Xiang. “Just eat some fairy meat or something.” Chen Xiang originally just said casually, but Mu Jialan nodded and went out. “Xiao Yang, it’s still too late for you to quit now, and we won’t take away the Endorphina pass for that month. What you want to do with us is indeed more dangerous. You have just come to the premier league heaven, and ascension is not easy. If it happens Accident…” Yao Shumei hesitated and said. Chen Xiang shook his head and said: “Don’t worry about me, but why don’t you use more fairy crystals to hire a more powerful expert.” Yao Shumei sighed softly: “I la liga will soon become a fairy king, and in the human world At this stage of immortality, my strength is relatively strong. If I need to invite someone at the level of Xianjun, I need a lot of fairy crystals, and the real madrid of Xianjun may not be able to do it.” “Then What is it?” Chen Xiang was itchy. “It’s not sure yet. The main thing is that we have to catch something. After we catch this thing, we may be hunted down. As for whether there will be a fairy in the man city by then, that’s what I’m worried about.” ” Yao Shumei said in a low voice. Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian both got along with Yao Shumei’s mother and daughter in the Slot Games before. It was when they were in the world of Shengdan Leap.



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