Proud Rumble World Slot Games Pill God Chapter 1271 Blood Pool

Although Shen Luzong didn’t know Longevity Fruit, but Chen Xiang said that it could live longer, so he ate it politely. When Chen Xiang left the secular world, Shen Luzong knew that he would have a great future. Now that he appeared here, he showed his super strength, and his alchemy skills were even more superb, which verified the prediction of betting him back then. Longevity fruit is a fairy fruit, the effect is very significant, Shen Luzong is a fairy king, so Chen Xiang gave him two BetWinners, this will have a greater effect. “Father, what happened here? What about the city here? Where did it all go?” Chen Xiang asked, he knew that the people here had a bad life over the years. “The cities here were destroyed by those giant beasts! Back then, suddenly, the earth trembled wildly, many houses collapsed, and many people died at that time, and then the sky and the earth became pitch black. After more than a month of dark night, I finally saw the sunshine, but many giant beasts appeared. Over the years of la liga, many people died tragically in the mouths of those giant beasts. BGaming, I am afraid that there are only us left here. .” Shen Tianhu sighed. “Piggy Island Novel” read “If it wasn’t for you, falling into a pool of blood and absorbing the powerful blood inside, Casino Slot has greatly changed the root bones, and our strength has improved by leaps and bounds, we would have died long ago But I don’t know why, after your uncle stagnated, his lifespan was consumed very quickly.” Shen Luzong sat on the side, refining the two longevity fruits, and saw him gradually getting younger, Shen Tian Paripesa Hu secretly Parimatch surprised that his son actually has such a good thing, if Shen Luzong regains his youthful vigor, they don’t have to be afraid of here at all



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