Ao Shi Dan God Bet9ja Chapter 1256 real madrid everything is ready

Many people don’t know where the Fire Temple is, because Nairabet hides the headquarters of the Fire Temple very secretively, and they must have considered being attacked by others. And everyone only knows that the Fire God Temple has a Xuanbing City on the other side of the Xuanhan Ancient Region, but it is definitely not the headquarters of the Fire God Temple. Chen Xiang is now considered to be sealed in the Xuanbing City, guarded by an Immortal King himself, but this Immortal King can also take time out when necessary. “Didn’t you follow them to the Demon Realm last time?” Long Xueyi reminded Chen Xiang. “Wang Qiongjin is a demon cultivator, and it’s good to be in the Demon Realm, but I don’t think the place she stayed in last time was the headquarters of the Fire God Temple.” Chen Xiang said. Now that everything is ready, it is just a matter of investigating the situation in the middle of the Fire Temple Endorphina. Only Chen Xiang can do this kind of thing! Chen Xiang first came to the Demon Realm. He had to look for the core figures of the Fire Temple to know where the headquarters of the Fire Temple’s casino slot was. He had gotten a few people from the Fire Temple, but what those people knew was that Parimatch was very limited. “The Fire God Palace should be like you, cultivating some outstanding disciples there, waiting to attack the Chenwu Continent!” Long Xueyi said. Chen Xiang searched for several cities in the Demon Realm, but he couldn’t find them. “They joined forces with demons. I think Surebet247 should be together with demons. If they want to attack, they will definitely not set up a teleportation array in Chenwu Continent like last time. It will only kill the people who ambushed there, so They should also use array disks, and the Fire Temple chelsa should not lack these things.” Chen Xiang thought for a while, and continued: “The monsters will definitely be one of the main forces at that time, and they will still charge forward.



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