Aoshi Danshen Chapter 12422Bet1 chelsa Erotic Mountains

The list does not have any decent cities in the Demon State. Perhaps there is no concept of a city here. The places where people gather here are those near the Demonic Sects. There are some scattered buildings there, all built by themselves. Most of the magic cultivators gathered in the vicinity of the Mo Dao sect are disciples who want to roulette challenge the Mo Dao sect, or hunted and killed some monsters to sell to some wealthy disciples here. ┌www.肥 The original Mo Dao Sect Bet9ja sect was either destroyed or annexed, and now the Mo Dao sects in the Mozhou Betway are some that Chen Xiang has never heard of, only those who often walk in the Mozhou Only people in Msports know the details of these magic sects. And Chen Xiang is now going to a sect called “Mojimen”, because the God Demon Cult is hidden in a dangerous place next to this sect. “Hooking the chelsa soul mountain range, it is said that people who enter it will die mysteriously, and no scars can be found on their bodies, but the sea of ​​consciousness is empty, with traces of spiritual attacks, as if their souls were hooked away, And those who died all died with very peaceful smiles on their faces.” Chen Xiang told Long Xueyi about the dangers of that place, and Long Xueyi sneered: “It seems that it is undoubtedly the Sect of Gods and Demons, and they will definitely do the same. Strengthening one’s soul by devouring other people’s souls in real madrid, this kind of guy really has many means, it seems that the guy who founded the gods and demons must be very powerful, and maybe he will be the opponent of the Dragon Emperor in the future.” Create Gods and Demons The person who teaches calls himself Tian Nu, so he is naturally a guy who is very strong in cultivating the divine way and the magical way, but in Long Xueyi’s eyes, only those who are at the peak of the divine way



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