Proud of the World Surebet247 Dan Liverpool God Chapter 1226 Dan Guang

Chen Xiang hadn’t finished refining the list yet, someone told him to give up, because according to Nairabet’s opinion, Chen Xiang has no chance of winning! Wang Qiongjin looked at bet game Chen Xiang with a pair of gloomy eyes. Chen Xiang’s previous method of refining medicinal materials was still very powerful. Rumble, even a character like Wang Qiongjin couldn’t figure out what was going on. NetEnt, if it was her, She couldn’t put the medicinal materials on the palm of her hand to refine them like Chen Xiang did before, one must know that those are all heaven-level medicinal materials, so it is not easy to deal with them. ┃www.feiuz.EndorphinacoΜ But it took only a short time for Chen Xiang to dissolve the two main medicinal materials in the premier league. On this point, Wang Qiongjin had to admire Chen Xiang. An hour after Wang Qiongjin finished practicing, Chen Xiang finally opened his eyes. Seeing that his expression was so calm, and his eyes were shining with confidence, many people shook their heads one after another. “You have no chance to win. If you forebet to death, you can only refine two high-quality Hunyuan Pills, but they are faster than you. You will lose.” “Unless you can refine three Hunyuan Pills.” , but that is simply impossible, the two main betting medicinal materials of Hunyuan Dan are just like that, it is difficult to condense three pills, even that kind of supreme alchemy can’t do this.” “Admit defeat! Anyway, you surrendered It’s not like Longmen has lost completely, you’ve won one and one loss, it’s already tied, and it’s Sportybet all over again.” The old man in the Fire God Temple was secretly happy because he still had a chance to defeat Li Baojun, at this time he thought that the Fire God Temple had already If they lose, they have to continue to compete until one of them wins two games in a row, then the competition will be considered over. Chen Xiang let out a sigh of relief, lightly



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