Aoshi Danshen 22Bet Chapter 1181 Bet the game and then fight against the underground palace

:… List: Chen Xiang really wants to quickly get together the Heaven and Earth Killing Technique, Slot Games, but now there are several parts of the Champions League, and he doesn’t know where Liverpool is. Now he can only roulette and let Forebet his own When the strength becomes stronger, when you know the whereabouts of other parts in the future, you can quickly take them away. ┠Fei&Speed&Chinese&文★&网 “Are you going back to Jianglongmen now?” Duan Chong asked. “If I don’t go back for the time being, Jianglongmen baccarat can develop very well even without me. I don’t worry too much! After you go back, you can only tell Elder Li about my escape, and ask him to formulate a plan to secretly assist Chenwu Continent.” It is best to ask him to contact the dean of the Demon Academy, I think that if the Fire God Temple attacks the Chenwu Continent, it will definitely attract the power of the Demon Realm.” Chen Xiang still has to go to the underground palace, thoroughly Destroying the Fire God Temple’s plan to revive the Ice Emperor, the Ice Emperor is such a terrifying guy that he must not be reborn in the New Emperor Heaven. “I see. I will find the location of the ancient holy beast domain as soon as possible.” Duan Chong nodded. He already knew where the ancient holy beast domain was. Chen Xiang will take an adventure in the Ancient Sacred Beast Realm at this juncture, and he feels that he can at least tell Chen Xiang about the Ancient Sacred Beast Realm after the Fire God Temple’s attack on the Chenwu Continent is over. Chen Xiang and Duan Chong parted ways in Xuanbing City, Duan Chong returned to FlashScore to descend the Dragon Gate, while Chen Xiang went out of the city to look for the underground palace. He knew before that the underground palace was very important, so asking Long Xueyi to remember the location of the underground palace would allow him to find it quickly in the future. As soon as he left the city, he quickly determined the direction and headed towards the underground palace.



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