Proud Forebet Alchemy Chapter 1166 Mysterious affiliate dark river

The list Xuanbing exhibition hall is very large, and the sports betting of Jinlong Xuanbing has been broken now, and there is no treasure in BetWinner, so many people who want to buy Xuanbing give up the idea of ​​taking risks. Even Jinlong Xuanbing, which is of extremely high quality and has such a strange shape, has no treasures in it, so it can be seen that Xuanbing is similar to others. Although everyone knows this, it is all because of psychological effects. It’s a mischief, so whenever I see some strange black ice, I think there may be a real madrid treasure inside. I am afraid that only Chen Xiang can see whether there are treasures in the profound ice, but Chen Xiang does not have much hope, he feels that it is difficult to find treasures in the current profound ice, especially this kind of mysterious ice that looks very high quality , he was just curious, how did these mysterious ices form? The mysterious ice in this exhibition hall seems to be carved out by people. Chen Xiang does not believe that it is formed naturally. He thinks that the reason why these mysterious ices are like this must be deliberately made by someone. After many years of Mozzartbet was discovered later. There are quite a few people betting in the exhibition hall. There are many giants or some strong people gathered here. They have a lot of spar 22Bet and have no place to spend it. Naturally, they want to come here to try their luck, because some treasures are priceless. No matter how much Endorphina you have, no one will sell it to you. “Brother, the tone of my words just now was a bit presumptuous, please forgive me!” A man in black walked to Chen Xiang’s side, cupped his hands and said. This man in black is the owner of the Golden Dragon Xuanbing. Chen Xiang didn’t expect that he would take the initiative to apologize, but judging from the previous Slot Games incident, although this man spoke a bit aggressively, he was very serious.



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