Dark Night Tour sports betting Betking Man Chapter 2 Curse and Adventure

In the text of the letter from the old butler, Marvin’s younger brother, Pooh, is under a curse that is difficult to break. Even the magicians of Magore College are helpless about it. There was not much news in the letter, but fortunately, the old housekeeper who accompanied Pooh to study at the Magor College described Pooh’s condition in detail. “The technique of the Snakes!” Seeing those descriptions, Ma Wen had a rough idea in his heart. The people of the Snake Cult, the Evolution game is so rampant, they dare to reach out to the high tower area of ​​the third ring of the Slot Games? You know, Marvin originally thought that the Magor College where Pooh was located was one of the components of the three-ring tower. It stands to reason that it should be the safest place on the east coast. He didn’t expect that he had just recovered the White Poker Valley. There is something wrong with him! This was unexpected for Marvin. Why did the people of the Twin Snakes attack Pooh? “Could it be that the patriarch saw me that day? That’s impossible? I obviously picked out Miller’s eyeballs before killing him.” Marvin immediately denied his thoughts. According to the old steward, Pooh is said to be preparing for a very important match. In the three ring tower area, the colleges under the command of the three wizard towers compete with each other. Recently, it seems that the high-level betting staff of the three wizard towers have jointly held a real betting competition. His Premier League divided their disciples into several levels and fought separately. Although Marvin’s younger brother Pooh is very young and has only a short time in school, he has already shown outstanding wizard talent. Just like his grandfather, with Pooh’s talent, as long as he keeps studying hard, becoming a second-tier wizard is not a big problem. It’s even possible to storm the door of a live betting third-level wizard



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