Proud Spinmatic Shidan Parimatch God Chapter 1151 Go to Xuanhan Ancient Domain

Text version of the mobile version: Hot keywords: Endorphina Author: Category: A live goblin can be found out of the ancient mysterious ice. If word spreads, many people will not believe it. If Chen Xiang hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t have believed it was true. “The little goblin is a kind of goblin in ancient times. It is usually made of some exotic flowers and weeds, and can reproduce, but the conditions for their reproduction are very harsh. It is difficult for one out of ten thousand to be able to give birth. This kind of little goblin They all live in places far away from crowds, and like to live near exotic flowers and plants!” Lu Qinlian herself also believes that Leap is made of exotic flowers and plants, but she is relatively big, so this kind of little fairy is her kind. “But why does she hate me so much? But I set her free!” Chen Xiang was very depressed, the little goblin in Lu Qinlian’s hand was closing her eyes at this moment, her brows were shining brightly. Lu Qinlian said in a low voice: “I’m teaching her the language of humans. Although she is small, she is quite powerful, otherwise she would not be able to live to this day.” The little fairy opened her eyes and shook her flowing hair. Looking at Chen Xiang with long hair, he snorted coquettishly: “Big villain, you ruined my house with the flashscore. Sportybet” Chen Xiang wanted to reach out and touch this cute little fairy, he said: “Little fairy, you You should know that I rescued you, if it wasn’t for me, you might have fallen into the hands of some real villains.” Lu Qinlian also quickly explained at this time, talking about those Xuanbing things, and only then did she clear up the misunderstanding. “I’m not called a goblin, I’m called Xiaoyao! Although he saved Betway me, I always feel that he is not a good person!” The little goblin’s words made Chen Xiang very unhappy, and Paripesa could only say goodbye to him.



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