Aoshi Danshen casino Slot Chapter 11361xBet Inside the Divine Tree

Chen Xiang saw that the Primordial Fire Beast was so angry, so he didn’t intend to tell the matter that the Ice Dragon had forgotten him, lest the Fire Lion go crazy. “Are you clear?” Seeing Chen Xiang in a daze, the Primordial Fire Beast asked loudly. “Understood.” Chen Xiang came back to his senses and replied. “Don’t think about Paripesa too simply. The center of the earth is not what it used to be. Ditian’s temperature in the center of the earth is very high, and after a violent collision in the center of the earth, it has never happened before that Betting may happen again. A dangerous situation has occurred!” Tai Mozzartbet Ancient Fire Beast said seriously: “Also, after you find the Earth Spirit Tree, you still need to destroy that formation, that formation is not easy to get rid of, and with your current strength, it may take a while Time, but I can wait, destroying that formation requires flames, and it was also because of rumble that I gave you the Heavenly Sun Fire Soul before!” Chen Xiang left the cave and walked on the familiar road. He has been to the abyss several times, and there is not much change here. He quickly found the door leading to the center of the earth, inserted the Qinglong Demon Slayer Knife to open it, and a wave of scorching air gushed out, burning heavily. Xiang’s skin was burning. “The core of the earth is indeed getting hotter and hotter.” Chen Xiang was horrified, this door is a long distance from the center of the earth, but the heat accumulated in the roulette is so intense, one can imagine the center of the earth. Before he was able to enter the Evil Dragon Burial Ground with LiveScore, he also entered through the core of the earth, but the core of the earth was not so terrifying at that time, he didn’t know if he could survive it, after all, this is the place where the forebet tree can grow, and It may also be the center of Xinditian. The reborn Ditian is growing slowly, the temperature of the earth’s core



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