The 1st affiliate121flashscore chapter of Aoshi Danshen won a big victory

The list Chen Xiang saw this group of people come together, and immediately ran away. There are several people in this group who are at the level of immortals, and his Ice Dragon Sword is no longer drunk. If it is, it will be easy to be discovered. Even if these people are poisoned, they will not die immediately, but they can run away, and Long Huishan will be harmed at that time. :look:. “Chinese” text! The people behind the net were chasing and attacking at the same time, setting off a wave of real power, Chen Xiang dodged left and right to dodge, Nairabet was almost hit every time. “This group of baccarat guys…” Chen Xiang was very annoyed, he immediately released several phantoms that looked exactly like his real body, and let these phantoms run separately, and the speed was very fast. Those who chased and killed Chen Xiang were dumbfounded, Shen NetEntxiang ran and turned into six, which made them not know which one to chase! “Separate and chase!” There were not many people in this group, there were only about a dozen of them. Now that they were separated, there were only two or three people in groups. Chen Xiang spotted a small group of people who did not have the strength of immortals, and directly traveled through the space to those people. From behind, take out the Ice Dragon Sword and stab it! With a swipe of Mozzartbet, dozens of swords stabbed in the past. This sudden attack, the three people did not expect that their bodies were stabbed into a hornet’s nest in an instant! Afterwards, Chen Xiang followed suit and specially looked for those people who had separated from Slot GamesSportybet to attack. In just a few moments, when those people had just reacted, they killed the targets! Now there are three immortals left. After they found out that Chen Xiang had tricked them with phantoms, they were so angry that they all ran towards the real Chen Xiang! But Chen Xiang released



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