Endorphina Proud baccarat Shidan God Chapter 1106 Never Forgive

Even if there are so many fairy crystals. It is impossible for Chen Xiang to follow these people. Not to mention that he doesn’t have one now. So 1xBet ignored it. At this time, he saw that other people who came to participate in the assessment took out a storage bag. Put it in front of yourself. At this time, an old man came to collect it. Just confirm that there are one hundred thousand fairy crystals in the storage bag. The old man will take Betking out a pill furnace of good quality and three copies of ground-level top-grade pill medicinal materials. Chen Xiang needs livescore for the assessment to continuously refine three furnaces of earth-level high-grade Mozzartbet pills. All three furnaces are required to be successful. Not even one failure. So don’t be careless. The quality of medicinal materials and alchemy furnace. In the eyes of many people at Spinmatic, it is a matter of success or failure. Although this is annoying. But he still had to obediently hand in one hundred thousand immortal crystals. Chen Xiang saw the faces of those old proctors. The worry in my heart is not whether I can refine the life-returning pill. But worry about him after refining. Will these old men get in the way? He has spoken a lot about this kind of people. After all, 100,000 Immortal Crystals are important here. It is also a large sum. Unless that kind of famous alchemist. That’s why he wouldn’t look at this fairy crystal. Although the alchemy furnace is very inferior. But in Chen Xiang’s opinion, it was enough. The medicinal materials for refining the life-saving pill are very poor. It’s the worst looking one. And it seems that those old men are deliberately preparing to make things difficult for others. Auxiliary medicines are all brought by themselves. Chen Xiang’s auxiliary medicinal materials are very against the sky. It can make up for the deficiency of the main medicinal materials. “As long as you refine the flashscore three furnace pills within six hours, you will pass the examination of the gold medal alchemist. You can take the refined pills from Endorphina yourself.” An old man said. Then he looked at everyone. When sweeping over Chen Xiang. Deliberately showing fierceness



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