Aoshidan la liga God Chapter Leap1091 Use your life for the answer

Prince Shenglong was dressed in a golden dragon robe, sitting on a golden stone bed, with his eyes closed, absorbing the immortal energy. He seemed to know that he would meet Chen Xiang, so after he opened his eyes, his expression changed. Very bland. “I didn’t expect that it would be you!” Prince Shenglong stood up, put away the golden stone bed, and walked slowly towards Chen Xiang. “Are you disappointed?” Chen Xiang activated the power chelsa in his body and entered into a combat state. “I’m really disappointed. I originally thought it would be difficult to regain the Azure Dragon Demon Slayer Knife. I like challenges, but now…” “Do you think I’m too weak?” Chen Xiang was not angry, and smiled lightly. “Your schemes are really powerful, I am ashamed of that, and the Premier League stuff you have mastered can make many strong people work for you. I was afraid of him before because of the two people around you, but now here There is only you, and those two people will never come to rescue you, and you will never run away!” “Don’t forget, I once killed the head teacher la liga of the Purple Moon Sacred Realm, and I also killed the dragon, I still Headmaster of Jianglongmen, you should have investigated all the strong men who died in my hands!” Chen Xiang just reminded the Holy Dragon Prince, don’t underestimate him. “That’s right, in the eyes of many people, you are young, but your strength is capable of overpowering many strong men in the heavens, beheading the demon lord, and killing the head teacher. But, I know that you used the Chaos Fire Order The divine light of body protection, I am very clear about the protective divine light emitted by this chaotic fire order when it recognizes its master.” Prince Shenglong talked about this, his eyes were full of jealousy, because he knew that after the chaotic fire order recognized its master, it would not be able to Snatched away, that is to say, as long as Chen Xiang dies, this kind of treasure will also be



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