Aoshi Danshen Chapter 1 Sportybet07 Pragmatic play Chapter 6 Mysterious Poisonous Beast

Volume 3 Contents of Volume 3: The silent thief Chen Xiang came to this city only to use the teleportation array inside to teleport to the city closest to Taiyuan Mountain, but he did not expect to meet Du Hai. “I’m going to Parimatch Taiyuan Mountain. I’m not here to make trouble. I’m just here to use the teleportation array.” When Du Hai heard this, his eyes widened: “Are you crazy? Are you going to Taiyuan Mountain to find Can’t that headmaster succeed? Even I’m not that guy’s match, if I break through, it’s pretty much the same!” Taiyuan Mountain’s headmaster is really strong, even Du Hai said so, but Chen Xiang thinks Taiyuan Mountain is very Pay attention to that treasure, otherwise you won’t treat people from those ancient forces as honored guests. “I’m not looking for that headmaster, Bet9ja has a group of people who went to Taiyuan Mountain, I’m going to find that group.” Chen Xiang also wanted to go to the Nairabet treasure, those ancient forces came here after all the hard work, It’s for that mysterious treasure. When I came to Spinmatic before, I promised to find roulette for the demon world to find resources, but now the demon world will definitely not find it when I come here, so after I go back, there may be a war, but those ancient baccarat forces seem to be Don’t mind this. Du Hai asked: “You mean the group of guys who want to take them to the Champions League to find the treasure?” Chen Xiang looked at the guards at the gate of the city, and said: “Well, I just came to the bet game Saint Pill with them In this matter, a piece of cloth is so long, I won’t enter the city, I will use the teleportation array inside to go to Taiyuan Mountain.” Du Hai knew that Chen Xiang was going to the treasure when he saw Chen Xiang Being so familiar with this chaotic mountain, he must have made a lot of preparations, flashscoreBGaming he sighed: “Then you go, I will continue to stay here,



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