World Proud Pill Affiliate God Chapter 1061 Bet Game The Future Pill Saint

The medicinal materials for refining Qishen Pill are very special. Although it is a kind of fruit, it is formed at the root, and the root is very long. It is also easy to have problems during the growth process, resulting in waste. There are many medicinal materials. look. :Chinese, Wenwang now piles up those roulette discarded medicinal materials, most of which are almost mature and cannot be planted due to various reasons. Each fruit is connected to a wrist-sized root, and the fruit Only as big as a child’s fist, it looks like a crumpled apple, slightly red, revealing a faint aura. Zhang Yanqing quickly sorted out two good-quality Xuandi fruits, threw them into the alchemy furnace, and started refining them! Because these Xuandi fruits are of very poor quality, 1xBet can combine the two together to make the medicinal aura more abundant, but if there is no level, it is difficult for ordinary alchemists to combine the two together like this. The parts are refined together. This is not difficult for Chen Xiang, not to mention the combination of two, even if it is ten or one hundred, he is not a problem. Xuandi fruit is the only main medicinal material for refining Qishen Dan. When they are piled up, they are all connected to a tree root, and this tree root is not simple. As long as it is connected with Xuandi fruit, it can also absorb the spiritual energy of Paripesa from the outside world Qi, the Champions League can prevent Xuan Diguo from dying quickly. “It’s such a waste to throw away this root. This root is as important as the Xuandi fruit!” Su Meiyao used her spiritual sense to see that when Zhang Yanqing was handling the medicinal materials, he separated the Xuandi fruit from the root, and then cut the tree into pieces. It was a pity for her to lose the roots. Chen Xiang picked up a piece of tree root, and he could clearly sense the strange aura contained in that piece of tree root, indeed



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