Alchemy God of Proud Betway World Chapter 104

“You Slot Games…” Jing Shuangze was rendered speechless by Chen Xiang’s words, and his momentum immediately weakened a lot: Betting “Hmph, I’m going to take you down today,” “I’ll take credit for taking you down, right? Fat vulgar powder, baccarat, so spinmatic, blinded this face for nothing,” Chen Xiang laughed jokingly, other forces have giants, so they didn’t let their own people do it, they all know that Li Baojun is very sports betting It’s not easy to mess with, besides, Chen Xiang Sportybet itself is very strong, he can kill the Heavenly Thunder Demon Lord, and the Great Elder they can’t see through, that person also makes them very afraid, all the giants in the Purple Moon Saint Realm are dead , now people in Ziyue Saint Realm don’t want to unite and stabilize, but want to compete for the position of head teacher, especially this day girl, because Roulette thinks she is a beauty and has good strength, so she has a high prestige and is also favored by many people For her support and support, she feels that if Chen Xiang is captured, she will be the head teacher of the Purple Moon Saint Realm Mozzartbet, “That’s just you using sorcery, today I want to expose your sorcery and let the world see Clear your true face,” Jing Shuangze flashed purple clouds with both hands, two purple long swords appeared, turned into two purple clouds, and stabbed at Chen Xiang’s throat and one eye. Dao fire dragon, facing the two long swords, the fire dragon swallowed the flames, and accurately took the two swords into the mouth, and then the fire dragon let out a low roar, the fire was shining brightly, the flame became more violent, but it soon went out, the flame Disappeared, the two swords have been turned into powder, “I used magic, but I didn’t enslave casual practitioners to do hard work in Tianlei Purgatory, right NetEnt, Surebet247, I didn’t snatch the storage bags of casual practitioners, I saved them instead , but thus offend your



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