Aoshi Danshen BetwayNairabet Chapter 1032 Don’t even dare to sell

Chen Xiang shook his head and said: “The Chenwu Continent is not simple, there are many hidden secrets! I am still not sure what rumble secrets are hidden there, but I am sure that many powerful forces will be there soon. I know, the Premier League will have an idea there!” There have been four elephants on the Chenwu Continent, a passage into the center of the earth, a primordial fire beast, and the white dragon Long Xueyi was also born from there. The mundane world where he was born suddenly disappeared, and he didn’t know where he went! “Okay, I promise you!” Lu Qinlian nodded and said, “Our Yaoyundongtian has joined the alliance led by Huang Jintian, which is good for us!” “Sister Lu Nairabet, how long will you stay in Ditian? You won’t be able to go back after a while!” Chen Xiang asked. Lu Qinlian smiled and said: “I don’t plan to go back. I have secretly moved the entire Yaoyun Cave. We plan to lay a solid foundation in Ditian and lead the way in the Yaoyu. We will wait until Ditian is completely reborn.” Back then, our Yaoyun Cave was also the strongest!” “This is not good! poker” Chen Xiang frowned. “Why?” Lu Qinlian was puzzled. “I just think that a new emperor will be born in the Evolution game. At that time, the strongest of you will be the one who is most concerned about this emperor. Either you will be recruited or you will be eliminated!” Lu Qinlian’s face immediately became serious: “Couldn’t you be the new Ten Heavenly Emperor?” Chen Xiang shook his head, fell into deep thought, and said after a while: “Although I have the inheritance of the Ten Heavenly Emperor, it doesn’t mean that I am the new Great Emperor! Because I just inherited the mantle of the Ten Heavenly Emperor, even if



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