Betway Alchemy God Chapter 101 Leap 7 Lan Guang

The people of Feixianmen are in a hurry, but now they are very helpless. Just now, several of their elders were injured by the large formation of Jianglong City, and there are not many people who can still participate in the battle of Nairabet. Injury, but if the Evolution game faces Huang Jin in the Premier League, it is not a joke. Wu Xu was very angry in his heart. If he had known that Gu Dongchen had this trick, Endorphina would not have been slapped severely by so many people. Although no man city hurt his body, it hurt his dignity Betking, what annoyed him the most was that Gu Dongchen stopped him with a slap in the face, if he did it again, it would be Huang Jintian who would do it! Gu Dongchen’s strength was about the same as Wu Xu’s. If they fought, the outcome would be hard to tell, but they can’t fight now, and Huang Jintian’s desired effect has been achieved, which is to severely humiliate the head teacher of Feixianmen. By the way, suppress the arrogance of those ancient forces, so that when the three domains talks, their Taiwumen will not be underestimated, and they can also have a certain right to speak. “Huang Jintian, you Mozzartbets, don’t bully people too much!” Wu Xu ran from a distance like an angry cow, and he stepped out of the ground one after another. Wu Xu was furious and murderous, with a ferocious face, while roaring, he rushed towards Huang Jintian, his appearance was very frightening. “Master, you said that this is up to you!” Gu Dongchen suddenly felt a pressure. If he fights with Wu Xu, even if he can win, he will definitely not feel better, and at most it will be miserable. Just win. Huang Jintian flicked his sleeves, and with a force, he pushed away Wu Baccarat Kaiming and Gu Dongchen next to him. Wu Xu’s fist also came at this moment, shaking out



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