Proud 22Bet World Alchemy God Chapter 1 chelsa002 Wenli

The sudden appearance of the Great Elder Jianglongmen attracted the attention of many power giants, but they didn’t like the arrival of the Jianglongmen because most of them wanted to knock down the Longmen. Pay attention to Baihu’s coming to Tianlei City and go straight, and soon listen to the news through betting Chen Xiang has something to do now, and now he can only wait for Chen Xiang Slot Games to come out. He has learned a lot about that Tianlei Purgatory, but he is not sure whether Chen Xiang can still come out. Brewing all the power drawn by Betway comes to Tianlei Purgatory to effectively weaken the power of the Tianlei Demon Lord, but if the calamity force drops, Chen Xiang and the others will have to pay a heavy price. If they don’t do it, they will have no way to get out of trouble, and Chen Xiang is very sure of getting through. After five days of Five Elements Heaven Fire Thunder Tribulation live betting, the tribulation power has not dropped but continued to brew because Yun Dao and others have followed Chen Xiang’s instructions to compress the true qi in their bodies to the limit so that their dantians can hold more true qi to eat The Profound Pills that Chen Xiang gave us relied on compressing a large amount of true energy to exceed the limit. Before, we dared not imagine that we would have to go through the Nirvana Tribulation to break through the bottleneck and continue to improve our strength when we reached the limit, but we were forced by the huge pressure. No other kind of challenge, this kind of unprecedented 1xBet challenge and they have succeeded. Originally, we could feel the time of Nirvana coming down, but now, BetWinner is suddenly delayed, and it’s still ten days. Endorphina is even more surprising in our hearts. Let’s put a lot of pressure on them, not to mention that now Yundao are all looking at Chen Xiang, and Chen Xiang is still refining that Earth Profound Pill, which is much more powerful than Zhu Rong’s. How about the robbery, the six of us attracted twice, plus Brother Shen is a perverted alchemist who is still an old man… can mother be called the peerless robbery cloud



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