The World-Proud Alchemy Chapter Endorphina 969 Secrets of the Magical Knife

Full-text catalog: Duan Sanchang’s grandfather used to be the patriarch of the Duan family. Although the Duan family la liga only has a dozen or so members, he must have extraordinary strength to become the patriarch. Moreover, Duan Sanchang once said that his grandfather was a tomb robber . The people from E3 Novel Reading Network Peach Blossom Sanctuary also found that there was one more person in their team. This smiling dirty old man from Slot Games appeared suddenly like a ghost, and followed them for a while, which made them shudder. “Who are you?” Huo Caiyong asked sharply, while being vigilant against Paripesa, he did not slow down the speed, as long as they slowed down a bit, they would let Chen Xiang escape. “I’m Duan Chong, who are you?” The old man giggled twice: “Hurry up, you guys are much older than that brat, why are you running so slow?” Duan Sanchang mentioned his grandfather His name is Duan Chong, this sloppy old man is really Duan Sanchang’s grandfather! “Don’t worry about it, stay away from us!” Huo Caiyong said angrily. Although he knew that Duan Chong was strong, he was not afraid. If it wasn’t for chasing and killing Chen Xiang, he would have stopped sports to deal with Duan Chong. . There was a trace of anger on Duan Chong’s old face: “I already told you that my name is Duan Chong, why didn’t you tell me? You are cheating!” “Go away, if you bother us again, don’t blame us for being rude!” Huo Caiyong said angrily. A voice came from Chen Xiang in front: “This is the patriarch of the Duan family. You don’t want those tombs Parimatch in the Peach Blossom Sacred Realm to be dug up. You should be more polite to them.” There are very few people in the Duan family, and their whereabouts are usually secretive. Others only know their surnames, but few know their names, the old forces are generally



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