Aoshi Danshen Chapter Mozzartbet954 Slot Games kills you

Chen Xiang, like everyone else, clenched his fists and wanted to make a move. The man in the purple chelsa robe stood up and walked over slowly. He has a handsome face, the eyes under the sword eyebrows are full of disdain, and his expression is extremely arrogant. La Liga makes people want to trample on him his face. “So, if you don’t cooperate, you will only die. Let me tell you, there are many idiots’ flesh and blood under your feet.” The purple-robed man looked at everyone with the eyes of looking at ants. “Elders, you’ve worked hard, go to Rumble first, leave it to betting and I’ll do it!” “Thank you, Son of Heaven, for your concern, then let’s take our leave first.” An old man said respectfully, and then several Betway old men left . This is indeed the Son of Heaven of the Purple Moon Sacred Realm, and his strength should not be much different from the sons and daughters of the other Saint Realms and the Tongtian Family, but in Chen Xiang’s eyes, it’s just a fart. These sons and daughters are very powerful at a young age, which means that they have great potential and a bright future, so those Endorphina elders respect them very much. If these sons and daughters become rulers in the future, they will also get a lot benefit. “That’s right, I am Ziyue Emperor Zhuang Jiurong of Ziyue Sacred Realm, and the head teacher of Ziyue Sacred Realm is my grandfather. You should feel honored to be slaves in my hands. If you flashscores want to try to resist, I will Let your life be worse than death.” Zhuang Jiurong said very arrogantly: “You are just a group of ants, you have no chance to resist!” Chen Xiang felt that the elders of Sportybet had gone away, and began to detect some warriors hidden around them, and surrounded them Those ten big men have just passed through Nirvana, and he can



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