roulette World-Defying Pill God Chapter 9Slot Games39 A plan

Error report:, Book title: Chen Xiang knocked on the door lightly, only to hear Lan Lanjiao shouting: “Get out of here, I want to be quiet and quiet!” Chen Xiang smiled and motioned for an old man who came up to open the door , Chen Xiang couldn’t open this door, because there was an enchantment power on it. Seeing the door being opened and seeing Wu Jingsheng, whom her affiliate hates the most, Lan Lan shouted: “Don’t come here, or I…I…” Lan Lan wanted to commit suicide, but she was worried about Yan Yanran, so now she only I can bear it. betting “Sister Lan, it’s me Liverpool! I’ve changed into that guy’s appearance!” Chen Xiang remained motionless, and sent a voice transmission to Lan Lan, then waved to the old man beside him, motioning him to go down. The old man Betking stepped back and closed the door. Lan Lan stood there stupidly, with a face full of disbelief. “Have you forgotten? We did business in the Evil Demon Profound Realm, and you are still the elder of my Dragon Subduing Sect.” Chen Xiang sent a voice transmission to Lan Lan again, with a smile on his face. “Bad brother, it’s really you! rumble” Lan Lan almost pounced on Msports, but when she saw that it was the annoying Wu Jingsheng, she couldn’t help but hum and said, “You look like this guy, it’s really annoying, I really want to be so cruel Smack you!” Chen Xiang chuckled, and changed back to his original appearance. Seeing that Chen Xiang was younger and more handsome than before, Lan Lan couldn’t help but smiled and said: “Bad brother, I knew you would save me when BGaming came. You are a hundred times prettier than that annoying guy.” Lan Lan threw herself at Shen Xiang. In Xiang’s arms, he rubbed against Chen Xiang with his plump chest that didn’t match her appearance: “No wonder sister Yanya mentions you from time to time, this cat demon is fascinated by you.” “Damn girl, say behind your back.” Be careful and I will tell her bad things about her.” Chen Xiang pinched her cute



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