Aoshidan Endorphina God Parimatch Chapter 924 Dragon Transformation

zybook, return to the home page zybook dive? Chen Xiang shuddered, standing on the side was almost burning the city, if he went down, maybe the hair on his body would be burned off. Important/Important/Now his whole body is wrapped in basalt vajra armor. The golden Spinmatic armor looks dull in this colorful sky fire field, but its defense ability is still very strong. “If the most powerful flame is inside, could it be that the center of Ditian is very close to here?” Chen Xiang wondered in his heart, it is said that the ancient holy land is close to the center. “Not necessarily, the center is hard to determine, and Nairabet and Ditian have just been reorganized, so the changes are great.” Long Xueyi said: “You jump down, it may hurt a little at first, but if you find the passage below, you can Quickly go to the burial place of the evil dragon.” Chen Xiang gritted his teeth, shouted, and jumped into the colorful lake, the moment he fell, the terrifying fire energy penetrated the basalt diamond armor, burning his flesh and blood, making him feel It’s as if my flashscore is about to evaporate. In just an instant, he was seriously injured. The bones, meridians, flesh and viscera in his body were all burned, and the injury was very serious. However, he recovered quickly, and he was half healed in a blink of an eye, thanks to his powerful bone soul and jade dragon blood. His body was tortured repeatedly for nearly half a day, the severe pain almost made him faint several times, and he couldn’t even practice. Below the center of the earth, just like the deep sea, he struggled in the liquid formed by the heat, his consciousness became blurred, let alone looking for a passage. “I have to get up to the livescore quickly, otherwise I’m going to die!” Chen Xiang hurriedly swam towards Pragmatic Play, but the speed was very slow.



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