The World-Proud Msports Pill God Chapter 894 Crazy rumble move

Full-text catalog: E3 little Mozzartbet said [.guanm.] Pu Kangxin naturally knew that Chen Xiang had won Liverpool, he was very jealous of Chen Xiang’s alchemy, he would never send the head up, and he wanted to catch Chen Xiang , to Feixianmen to ask for credit, “You cheated, and you still insulted me, see the trick,” Pu Kangxin’s strength is not weak, but in order to avoid mistakes, the father and son Lu Guanghe and Lu Gongqing They also shot at the same time, but just when they were about to move their feet, they found that their feet were entangled by something. They immediately looked down and saw a few water dragons, entangled their feet tightly, “Mangy dog , I’m determined to kill you, this black shop in Lingxiang Pavilion will disappear forever from today, those who don’t want to die, hurry up and get out.” Chen Xiang’s voice was cold, anger and murderous aura gushed out at the same time, filling Lingxiang Pavilion In the hall, the staff inside were so frightened that their legs trembled, and they ran out in a hurry, and the people outside were even more shocked. This seemingly harmless young man had such a murderous aura at this time, and everyone couldn’t help but wonder. , Is it because he has practiced the Heaven and Earth Killing Technique, “Look, that’s the Qinglong Devil Slayer Knife,” a BetWinner suddenly yelled, his voice was full of shock, and everyone outside the door could see it without him shouting. A blue big knife appeared in Chen Xiang’s hand. The blade was embossed with green dragons. The surrounding light mist was condensing into several small dragons, hovering over the blade. Chen Xiang Parimatch showed his true face. Seeing his appearance, everyone was shocked. Li Renshan, who obtained the Heaven and Earth Slaying Technique, turned out to be Chen Xiang, who already possessed the Azure Dragon Slaying Demon Knife, and also possessed the Heaven and Earth Slashing Technique.



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